ФантьетФантьет, or as it is called - a Russian village - a popular resort in Vietnam. Arriving there at the Russian tourists there is almost no language problems. In the streets there are signs in Russian, in cafes and restaurants have Russian menu.

The undeniable advantage of the resort include the provision of chairs and umbrellas at the majority of hotels. Almost all of them can boast of a large green area. Arriving at Phan Thiet tourists can enjoy windsurfing and surfing. But despite this wave is not large, they do not interfere with bathing. But there is one important point - pick a sufficiently long. By the time he takes about four and a half hours.

main zone, where the hotels - is the village of Mui Ne. Sam Phan is located in the side.

Of the major attractions in the region emit red and white dunes. The largest reclining Buddha is located in Toku, which combine with a visit to Ke Ga Lighthouse. Cham tower - a valuable historical objects, each year they attract more and more tourists. It is thousands of small red bricks, Chesney and walls inside.

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