The organization of stages in the "Golden Ring"



"Golden Ring" - a list of cities, which are the most valuable cultural and historical attractions of the country. Each, who love ancient history of his homeland, I am obliged to at least once in a lifetime ride through all the cities and look at its legacy. If you want to get acquainted with the history of Russia, then you definitely worth a tour on this route, so you will not go wrong with the place and see all the fun.

This tourist route full of ancient monuments, old churches and unique temples. In one day, to visit all the city certainly will not succeed and it is best to travel by contacting the company "TurGlobusSoyuz". Tours of the Golden Ring of order here The only way you will be able to visit all the most important and famous of the city with maximum comfort. Here you can choose a suitable tour and see the most popular cities in the "Golden Ring". You can visit: Bogoljubovo, Suzdal, Kostroma, Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Rostov and many other cities. Upon arrival in each you will learn about the main historical and cultural places, which will tell you all the most interesting guides us "TurGlobusSoyuz".

Ordering tour, You'll get:

  • Fascinating stories about historic places
  • Sightseeing and monuments
  • to interesting natural places Walk
  • Visits to ancient historical sites

Tours for adults and children

Defined by what kind of tour you want to go, you can select multiple travel options. The first is by bus, and the second train. When choosing a need to rely only on their own preferences and how you like to travel. In addition to tours for adults, Company "TurGlobusSoyuz" organizes school tours for children. Thanks to this service, the younger generation will be able to get acquainted with the history of his native country.

When ordering a guided tour in our company, you get a comfortable seat in the transport and over the same interesting and exciting program. You can choose in which city do you want to go and what to see there. If you can not decide on the place, then you will always be able to participate in the special "Golden Roulette". Choose a tour for you, and in addition you get a discount. This is only a small part of the whole, that is waiting for you when you order the tour or excursion. If you want to spend your holiday usefully, then contact the "TurGlobusSoyuz".

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