Holidays in Cuba


Отдых на КубеCUBAN RESORT Varadero
The most popular and beautiful beaches in Cuba are in Varadero. But not only the famous beaches of this city – resort. All the tourists go there, can not circumvent their attention and Park Varadero. Бронирование отелей онлайн, will help you get comfortable in advance residence, This popular holiday destination.
Pre-revolutionary history of Cuba, remained in the architecture of the estate of the manufacturer Irene Dupont, which is now a restaurant with a historical theme. From Las Americas restaurant name associated astronaut Valentina Tereshkova, attend its opening in 1963 year. It was the day he died and he Dupont, cruel irony!
Vacation in Varadero turns into a non-stop carnival, from the outset offering tourists a variety of entertainment. But the gem of the best resort Cuba, is a natural sea spit of white sand, which bathes the pure water of the Caribbean.
On these Indians, can i see, having passed in Guam. But in the Varadero quite interesting places. This old fort Fuerte Espanyol and colonial-style church Iglesia de Santa Elvira.
Tourists love to explore ancient and almost forgotten culture, will be pleased to learn Indian paintings in the cave Ambrosio. And fans boaters, ждет увлекательное путешествие на маленьких субмаринах с прозрачным дном, giving the opportunity to see up close marine life.
Varadero will not leave anyone indifferent. Internet greatly simplifies the lives of travelers. Hotel Search, Room selection, and tickets, everything can be solved via the Internet.
Choosing a good COTTAGE
Tips for those who want to stay in a nice cottage.
Unfortunately wishing to celebrate the holidays outside the city, quality pictures even on sites, can not convey all the information about the selected house. There are things which require your attention, if you decide to rent a cottage.
1.It is advisable to read reviews of this place.
Only reviews of real people and not doctored photos on your computer, will help you to form a correct opinion.
2. Find out the cost of which is composed.
Comparing the price of the house you like with like, it is necessary to find out, than due to undercharge. It is quite possible, Some services are derived in additional costs and it turns out locally only. Any businessman, never want to operate at a loss.
3.Distance .
Public transport significantly limits the speed of movement, but for a person to manage their own transport, Speed ​​depends on the direction and extent of busy roads and longer distance, will be overcome, than the shortest path. Speed ​​limit signs, complex and winding road sections and tedious traffic jams on Fridays, make the trip long and exhausting. Quality and repair of roads, also plays a role. Everything is different, if it is a highway, by which you quickly leave behind the boring civilization and an hour later will enjoy the contact with nature.
The above will help you find the right place to relax, but if you want full confidence in the result, you must come and see the place of the future rest with your own eyes, that nothing should spoil your holiday.

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