The pros and cons of "last minute deal"


tour considered a good opportunity to relax and, при этом сэкономить некоторую сумму денег.

Но, this holiday is not for everyone. Basically, a holiday for young and active people, that at any moment ready to break up and go on a journey. Such people should be easy to lift and enjoy the spirit of this holiday avantyurizma.Bolshe all suitable for people, who are under no obligation, for example, have free time schedule, because you will have a maximum on fees 2-3 day, and during this time it is very difficult to take time off from work and settle any additional cases. But, if you like the careful approach to rest and think through all the details, as well as control everything and be able to choose, that such a proposal you are unlikely to be interested.

Но, should not be considered, that if the tour is sold at a discount or sell it in the short term, that it is of poor quality. The causes of such proposals are mainly spontaneous, for example, if people, Book your tickets in advance suddenly abandon the trip. Then, tour operators, I would not lose money once and not to spoil relations with the hotel, which has already booked a room, do on this tour offer, which can sometimes be more 50% of the cost. Кстати, discount on the tour depends on several factors. Во-первых, from time, that you remain on fees, less time, the cheaper tour. Just by seasonal offers, for example, buying a ticket to winter, you get a significant discount.

So, the largest and most attractive advantage of such offers is its low price. Travel Agencies often offer this kind of "hot tours" in season or rainy weather, when the demand for their services and travel falls. Basically, such proposals for countries to visit, Seen that do not require the presence of visas, as people simply do not have time to do it in such a short time. And the presence of a ready visa rarity.

The disadvantage of this proposal is, you do not have the right to choose. ie. you buy a ticket to the operator conditions and only to the configuration, which is provided and you can not change anything. For example, You will stay in a hotel only a certain level of comfort, without the right to choose the best conditions. Either you will have to pay to visit and excursions, that do not cause you a great interest. So, for many people the negative points is that, it is necessary to make decisions immediately, as well as the need to quickly collect things, because such proposals appear in a couple of days before departure.

Но, often, acquiring such a tour, you can count on a week of rest, even if it does not have sufficient facilities. Another point of the proposal is, that you quite possibly result in additional costs, for example, on trips, which are not included in the proposal, or additional fees or charges, which will need to repay the airport.

Кроме того, "Hot tours" basically designed for one or two travelers, as the group tours of this kind are not in demand. After all, to dial a group of travelers in such a short time is very difficult.

Often, such proposals, as the "hot tours" are used scammers, that after receiving the money or disappear, or you do not get very high quality vacation. Но, in this case it must be remembered, that you can only protect themselves particularly rigorous. It is best to deal with the audited firms, either pre-check for license and registration to the Agency.

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